Storytelling is at the heart of this project.

If you’re part of a community with a tale to tell, or you have a story about your community’s relationship with nature, share it with us now. Help us to inspire and connect communities all over the world.

How to tell your story.

How does your community celebrate or connect with nature? We’d like you to share your story with us.

You are free to tell your story your way, from the heart, but if you’re not sure we are offering tips from award-winning professionals. Have a look at our “How To” guides, or download our free: “23 Storytelling Tips”.

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Action is always good. Film your character while they’re doing things, talking, not talking, wide shots and close ups: there are many options for contrast. Establish which bits of your story can be made visible and which will have energy and excitement.

Download your guide on how to tell your story.

Technical Tips

Shooting on a phone is fine but you could use a professional app such as FiLMiC Pro, or a free app such as Magisto or Apple Clips to help create the best film possible

Watch where the light source is coming from: on many smartphones even if a subject is poorly lit you can usually expose for a face by setting up the framing you want it, then touching the face on the screen with a finger and adjusting the exposure manually on screen

Try to use external microphones on smartphones for 
proper sound recording

Shoot in 4K if possible and if this is not possible,
 select 1080HD

When filming on a smartphone never “zoom in” manually as it reduces resolution. Use the optical zoom: press the 1x or 2x button and then crop later

Use a tripod or find another way of stabilising the camera

Framing: shoot or film in landscape and leave enough room at the top, bottom and sides to crop in

Do not submit films with commercial music; avoid logos on branded clothing or products

The story is everything. Make a shot list before you go out and shoot so you’re clear on what you need to film