Meet the Forest Protectors

8 Billion

In a region within the Amazon rainforest in Columbia, local farmers and community leaders
have come together to form an environmental group – the Forest Protectors. Their goal is
to protect the rainforest from deforestation and restore the forest to its former glory.

The Amazon is being deforested at an alarming rate and one such area is the buffer zone
around Chiribiquete National Park, the largest protected tropical forest in the world. The
buffer zone that surrounds it plays a crucial role in protecting the park, but is under intense
pressure from land grabbing, cattle ranch expansion and logging.

This is where the work of the forest protectors come in. By gathering information, the group
learn about the wealth of resources the forest offers, how to value and conserve it. This
accumulated knowledge is then shared with local landowners and farmers, encouraging a
positive and harmonious relationship with this vitally important rainforest.

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