A Carnival Forest

8 Billion

In a local town carnival in Derbyshire, England, a creative group known as Two Left Hands
find a colourful way to celebrate the natural world around us.

Celebration is a powerful tool. When environmental issues are often discussed only in terms
of loss and despair it is important to remember the wonder, excitement and variety of the
life around us. From deep sea creatures to a dancing woodland, Two Left Hands brings the
natural world into their town’s carnival parade. Using recycled materials, they create
carnival costumes through artist-led workshops. Activities are inclusive, encouraging all to
join in, with people having time to think and talk, to share ideas and offer action. Each year
has its own theme, so those individual decorations come together into a single, spectacular
ecosystem. Then there is celebration: masks, hats, costumes and giant puppets dancing
through the town!

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