Women of the Mangroves

8 Billion

On Colombia’s Pacific coast, women forage for clams called Piangua in the mangroves.
These women, known as Piangueras, harvest the clams by hand at low tide. The catch is
traded as a delicacy to neighbouring Ecuador, providing a source of income to the

Being a Pianguera is part of the local culture – women of the mangroves have been doing
this for generations. Now, to protect this way of life, all of the Pianguera’s of the Pacific
Coast have come together and agreed to self-regulate their trade; monitoring populations,
setting up restricted zones and only capturing piangua that have reached maturity.

Now the mangroves, a vital part of the coastal ecosystems are thriving. Community efforts
have protected the piangua, and in doing so, the culture and livelihood of the Pianguera.

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